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Since 2015, our team of Storm Damage Lawyers has successfully secured over $200 million for Texans who faced severe damage to their homes and businesses due to hurricanes, floods, and other major storms.

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Homeowners, Commercial Property Owners, Commercial Property Managers

Upon taking a case, our first step is to deploy a team of specialists. They conduct a thorough, independent assessment of the damage, ensuring that the insurance company hasn’t undervalued or wrongly denied our client’s claim.

What sets our Storm Damage Attorneys apart is our commitment to our clients. While many cases are settled before reaching court, if an insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement, they know we’re prepared to go to trial. And in the courtroom, our record speaks for itself: we’ve never been defeated.

Do not wait until your insurance company underpays or denies your residential or commercial property damage claim. Let us help.


Fast-track your claim process

Secure a just and full settlement
Restore normalcy to your life swiftly

We provide a contingency fee option for most clients; this allows for clients to focus their resources on their operations rather than legal fees.

Do not trust Your Adjuster to Do What is Right

Insurance adjusters will claim they’re doing the best they can. Unfortunately, they don’t work for you. They work for the insurance company. Their job is to pay you the least amount they can and move on. Our property damage lawyers and experts will create a detailed damage assessment for your property and its contents that accounts for your real, accurate damages. We analyze the law and your policy provisions, assess any business income losses and extra expenses, and get you access to any extended or hidden coverages that you may have available. If the insurance company doesn’t want to offer you a fair settlement, we’ll negotiate with them to seek every penny you are owed for your damages.



Ensure you get the full value for your residential damage. We are your all-in-one solution for property damage insurance claims. Whether you’re dealing with new claims, underpaid ones, or outright denials, we’ve got you covered. We will navigate the claim process seamlessly, even if it escalates to litigation. Trust in us to champion your cause.

Deadlines For The Insurance Company to Pay or Deny Your Claim

The Texas Insurance Code requires insurance carriers to pay claims “in a timely and prompt manner.” When a property owner makes a claim with their insurance provider, the firm is expected to do the following:

  • Within 15 days, acknowledge the claim and begin researching it, as well as obtain any appropriate statements, objects, or paperwork.
  • Within 15 business days, notify the claimant of the acceptance or denial of his or her claim (the insurance company may seek up to 45 extra days to complete this stage);
  • Within 60 days after receiving any requested material, pay the accepted claim.
  • Pay the accepted claim within 5 business days of receiving notified of impending payment.

Pay the accepted claim no later than 5 business days after the claimant has completed any required activity that is conditional on payment.

Your Insurance Company Owes You,
You Have Rights

As an insurance holder, the company owes you a commitment to act honestly and fairly. This means they should handle your claim with care and fairness. If they don’t, according to Texas law, they might have to pay extra costs, penalties, and even interest.  Sometimes, even when people do everything right, their insurance company doesn’t treat them well. This is called “bad faith.” It’s like when a friend promises to do something but doesn’t. Bad faith can happen when:

  • The company doesn’t conduct a reasonable investigation.
  • They take too long to decide about your claim.
  • They say no to your claim without a good reason.
  • They take too long to give you money for a claim they said yes to.
  • They don’t tell you important things about your coverage.
  • They offer you too little money.

Our top-notch Storm Damage Attorneys have the know-how and tools to make sure you get the full amount for your property damage. Plus, if the insurance company wrongly denies or pays too little for your claim, we can help you get extra money. We’re here to make sure your claim is handled as fast and fairly as possible.

Since 2015 The Law Offices of Colby Lewis Has Helped Clients Recover Over $200,000,000

Steps to Stay Safe During Storms

  1. Stay Inside: Always stay inside during storms. Even if it seems calm, conditions can change fast. Close all doors and stay away from windows. If there’s a tornado, find a safe spot like a hallway or closet on the ground floor.
  2. Use Flashlights: Always use flashlights, not candles. Candles can cause fires. If you must use a candle, watch it closely.
  3. Clean Hands with Safe Water: After the storm, keep clean. Use bottled water for washing hands. If you have to use tap water, boil it first. Throw away food that might be bad.
  4. Stay Out of Damaged Buildings: If your home makes strange noises, it might be unsafe. Leave if you can. If not, find a safe spot inside.
  5. Avoid Wet Electronics: Wet devices can shock you. Stay safe and don’t use them.
  6. Stay Out of Flood Water: Floods can be dangerous. Don’t walk or drive in them. If you touch flood water, wash it off.
  7. Beware of Carbon Monoxide: If your carbon monoxide alarm beeps, leave your house and call for help. Don’t use machines that burn fuel inside your home.
  8. Watch Out for Animals and Bugs: Be careful around stray animals. Use bug spray to keep insects away.
  9. Stay Away from Power Lines: If you see fallen power lines, stay away and tell someone.
  10. Care for Injuries: If someone is hurt, help them. If it gets worse, get medical help.
  11. Wait to Go Home: After leaving your home during a storm, wait until it’s safe to go back. Listen to local news for updates.
  12. Clean Up Safely: When the storm is over and it’s safe, clean your home. Open windows and throw away things you can’t save.

File a Insurance Claim After a Storm

  1. Record the Damage: Before cleaning up, take clear photos and videos of all damages. For items inside your home or business, capture each damaged item, noting its purchase date and value. This will help in creating a detailed list for the insurance company.
  2. Start the Claim Process: Reach out to your insurance company. Share your policy number, phone number, and email. Describe the damages accurately. Provide all the necessary documents, photos, and receipts when filing your claim.
  3. Hold onto Damaged Items: Don’t throw away any damaged items until your insurance company has seen them. Ensure everything is well-documented before getting rid of anything.
  4. Keep Track of Conversations: Every time you talk to someone about your claim, jot down the details. Note the names, dates, and times of the conversations. This record will be useful if there are any disputes later on.

Hold Off on Repairs: Before hiring a contractor, ensure you’ve filed your insurance claim. If you’re thinking of hiring someone for repairs, make sure to check guidelines on choosing the right contractor.

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