Common Questions


If your property has experienced wind damage, you know how important it is to get your property fixed in a timely manner. Without quick repairs, your home is at risk for bigger problems such as water damage and mold. Most people assume that their homeowners insurance policy will cover any storm-related damage that occurs to their home but this isn’t always the case. When an insurance company denies your claim or underpays you, it may be necessary to hire a wind damage claim lawyer, like the zealous representation you’ll find with the Law Offices of Colby Lewis. We believe in giving our clients as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision – here, we answer the most asked questions about Texas wind damage.
  • Can I sue for property damage in Texas?

Yes. If the insurance company denies or underpays your claim, you have the right to sue in Texas. A trusted property damage lawyer can help you gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company and file a lawsuit if necessary.

  • How long do you have to file a property damage claim in Texas?

In Texas, you have two years from the date of the damage to file a property damage claim. This claim can cover a myriad of damage, such as to the exterior, structural integrity and your personal belongings. Increase your chances of success by consulting with an experienced property damage insurance claim attorney.

  • What is wind damage?

Wind damage is generally defined as any damage to your property caused by wind in any type of weather event. Wind damage is typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy. However, your insurance company may deny your claim for a number of reasons or may choose to give you a settlement figure that is much lower than what you need to recoup your losses. Wind damage lawyers, like the qualified legal team at the Law Offices of Colby Lewis, can help you get the compensation you need to repair your property.

  • How fast does wind have to be to damage a house?

Typically, wind damage can occur at approximately 45 miles per hour. The greater the wind speed, the more extensive the damage to your property. Even light wind, however, can cause some damage to your home. Damage can be minimized by the type of building materials you use, such as industrial shingles.

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At the Law Offices of Colby Lewis, we know how important your home is to you. That’s why we pride ourselves on relentlessly pursuing full compensation for property damage so you can continue to love and enjoy the home you are in. To get started on your wind damage claim or for more answers to your questions, contact us today.